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Here I tried to collect all the info on possible delays in parcel deliveries due to COVID-19 pandemic. Situation changes day by day, so please keep in mind that all the dates are approximate. Nevertheless I hope this info will be helpful to understand when your order will actually be delivered.




Situation has improved significantly since September - on average, it takes around 14-25 days at this moment. USPS also does the job well - once the parcel arrived in the US, it usually gets to your door after 4-10 days.




Since Canada Post has some little delays, expected delivery time is 25-45 days. Once the parcel is in Canada delivery may take up to 10-12 days.




It could take around 14-40 days depending on the country you are in. (25-40 days in case of UK)




Unfortunately, airmail is unregular at the moment, and it takes up to 50-65 days to deliver a parcel to New Zealand.
NZ Post is pretty fast - it usually takes no longer than 3-7 days once your order arrives in country of destination.




Shipping time is equal to NZ at the moment - flights are pretty rare, so it takes around 45-60 days to ship your order to Australia.

Australia Post works kinda terrible and is extremely slow. I supose it may keep you waiting for another 4-5 weeks once your parcel is already in Australia.


Although it's not my fault, I apologize for all the delays once again.

Really appreciate your understanding and patience.