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1. How many days will it take for my package to be delivered?

Dcdnc: I am using the fastest delivery method for my customers.

Also I  use only the tracked delivery, it costs more but you can track your order.

So for US, Australia, Canada shipping usually takes 3 weeks. / up to 4+ sometimes /

For New Zealand its 2-3 weeks, for Europe its around 2 weeks. / up to 3+ sometimes /

Please note: if you haven't got your package in 5 weeks please contact me via email or IG and we will solve the problem !

2. Do you protect the packeges?

Dcdnc: Yes I do. All stickers are packed in plastic bags to reduce ricks of damage when shipped. Every package is marked with "Do not bend!". 

Anyway if your slaps were heavy damaged while shipped please contact me and we will solve the problem!

3. When you gonna ship my order?

Dcdnc: Decadence is one man company, Everything is done by me: the designs, drawings, IG, the website, even the packeges. I am doing my best to ship everything as fast as possible! But sometimes there may be small 4-7 delays. I hope for your understanding.

4. I haven't received my shipping confirmation email with the tracking number!

Dcdnc: Make sure to check your spam / trash email folders! Sometimes my automatic emails may go there.

5. Whats Decadence?

Dcdnc: Decadence is a mix of oldschool japanese inspired stuff with the dark themes. If you are into it - welcome ;)


If you still have any questions left - contact me via IG @decadence.store or via email decadence.online@gmail.com.


With love / Dcdnc.